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“In our opinion, technology needs to be transparent and satisfy high ethical standards.”

Scientific, ethical, and transparent

Technology that enables people to connect effortlessly and directly is at the center of LogOn's operations. To allow for these connections to grow into meaningful relationships, assuring quality and transparency is one of our most important tasks.

Our new developments are continuously being scholarly attended and reviewed and we stay in constant exchange with the respective colleges and research institutes. This way, we can assure that our tools deliver reliable results.

Transparency and data security go hand in hand with scientific validation. Hence, significant developments have been tested on GDPR regulations in advance and we are proud to announce that we conform to all agency regulations. Of course, all our new developments are created in accordance with all GDPR regulations as well.

In addition to government and agency requirements, we also place a high importance on the ethical aspect of using algorithms and AI. As proven by research and scholarly review, we can guarantee that our systems operate 100% unbiased. As a member of the national association of AI, we advocate the ethical use of technology in recruiting at speaker series and discussion tables.

Raven 51 Webinar - Fewer Hurdles for More Applicants

Raven 51 AG / 10.2022

More applicants through fewer hurdles. Florian Grösch from Raven 51 AG talks to Peter Kolb about how simple and fast application options have a positive effect on the number of applications.

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Saatkorn Podcast - inspiration for a better working environment

Gero Hesse / 10.2021

justappl.ai by LogOn for a better recruiting world - Gero Hesse explains in an interview with Peter Kolb how LogOn Technology puts people and their needs first and offers the all-in-one solution with justappl.ai

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Artificial intelligence for recruiting pre-selection

Kassel University / 07.2018

An empirical study to assess the acceptance rate among recruiters for using artificial intelligence in the pre-selection phase of recruiting. The study confirms that artificial intelligence will play a significant role in the future, but is it acceptable and realizable?

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Software for the e-recruiting of the future - A study to validate LogOn's eRecruiting

Westcoast University / 06.2017

How does LogOn's eRecruiting work compared to traditional recruiting? A scientific study at the Westcoast University validates LogOn's tool by comparing results to those of over 240 professional recruiters.

Is an online tool capable of accurately reading and interpreting CVs?

The online Recruiter / 09.2015

Who else could evaluate a CV better than the candidates themselves? Therefore, we had our first Beta-version validated by over 500 candidates to check whether the tool's profiling is accurate. The result: 74% of candidates "agree" or "strongly agree" with the created profile.

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