About us

„Technology enabling people to build successful careers“

LogOn develops technology that supports people in the most intelligent way and thus facilitates new processes to put the interpersonal aspect back in the center of recruiting and enables success through the focus on everyone's unique, individual strengths.

We put an end to time consuming and complicated searches.

Time to connect!

In our opinion, technology needs to be transparent and meet high ethical standards. As a member of the German federal association of AI we are sure to also meet and support the guidelines of the ethics advisory board HR.

We advocate fair and unbiased recruiting practices. This includes a technology free from biases as well as an accessible job search using a CV for all job seekers. We continue to partner with academic and scientific institutions to have our developments tested and reviewed.

Of course, all our processes meet the regulations of the GDPR, General Act on Equal Treatment, and any other laws and regulations.

Meet the Team

Everyone on our team champions our vision in their respective area of expertise. Together is how we reach our goals.

Peter Kolb


Peter Kolb has a diploma in international business administration with a concentration in marketing/HR. He has worked in recruiting since 1993 and has extensive experience in headhunting, recruiting, and online recruiting. In 2002, he founded his first own consulting firm. Additionally, he lectures at the Steinbeis academy and ESB Reutlingen college as a visiting assistant professor. Peter has been engaged in the development of intelligent recruiting technology since 2007.

Sead Ejupi


Sead Ejupi has more than 14 years of experience in software development in multiple application areas. Since graduating with a Master of Software Engineering degree, he has also provided leadership to various teams. After joining LogOn as a senior-developer in 2019, he assumed the position of CTO in 2020 and is driving LogOn's technical develpoment.

Our roadmap

Where we want to be and where we come from.


Disrupting the recruiting industry through partnerships with early adopters - Time to connect

Go-live justappl.ai

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Funding by BayBG and LfA

Set-up for Post-Corona and development of EasyApply 2.0


Restructuring of stockholder base to allow for sustainable growth

Series of lectures on the possibilities of mobile chats and AI in recruiting at Oracle Cloud Day and Medienforum Mannheim, just to mention two of them


Partnership with Oracle Cloud Services

Presentation of the first intelligent recruiting robot at Zukunft Personal - together with our partner Raven51


Launch of the autonomous job- and candidate search on multiple online job portals with more than 250,000 users and over 1 million matchings per month


Scientific validation of our profiling technology - including soft-skills - with a correlation r>0.7 through Westcoast University


LogOn's focus shifts to the development of autonomous profiling- and matching technology. For the first time, technology can now process any form of unstructured data.


Operation of our own intelligent job portal for sales jobs running on the initial autonomous matching technology. The portal hosts 20,000 generated candidate profiles and runs 100,000 matching processes per week.


LogOn is founded, emerging from the recruitment consulting firm pe.kom gmbh, with the mission to digitalize the recruiting industry