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Our unique features

LogOn's technology has two unique features that set it apart from any other technology on the market: complete freedom from data structures and true added value.

Freedom from data structures means that any form of data can be read and processed. Inflexible forms and pre-indexing are now in the past. This opens the door for a variety of new fields of application to offer users the best possible experience, for example through a chat on your smartphone. Moreover, the technology is therefore easily integrated into any system without high set-up costs.

True added value means that data is not just read and sorted. The system reads, understands, and analyzes data the same way a human recruiter would. However, the technology is completely unbiased and impartial. The user benefits from substantial time savings thanks to thoroughly prepared data.


LogOn Technology in action

Currently the following use cases are active on the market

API for HR-Systems

Easy to use

The technology boost that lets you get even more out of your HR software:

Simply integrate the LogOn functions - reading, profiling and matching - via an API and use them in your own environment.

Added value to your systems with the simplest integration.


Making recruiting simple

The all-in-one solution is also ideal for small and medium-sized businesses:

In two minutes to the ideal job advertisement, to which candidates simply and gladly apply.

Increased conversion and better quality of applications plus easy handling and feedback support faster recruitment.


Simply attract caregivers

The digital and automatic recruiting campaign for more caregivers:

With a clear map, a positive campaign and an easy application, we motivate caregivers to apply for nursing positions.

The number of applications received is increased automatically, without any effort on the part of the participating facilities.

Time to connect

More and more often, the job search starts on a smartphone. To eliminate having to switch to a different device, our systems are highly user-friendly and increasingly use chat/voice.

Recruiters benefit from substantial assistance and time savings as online search and filtering through CVs is no longer necessary and recruiters can spend more time connecting and engaging with applicants as this is the best way to find out if the applicant is a fit for the company.

LogOn's applications can easily be integrated into any system. There are no high set-up costs or adjustments of your own systems required. We are happy to provide on the job employee training for proper interpretation of reports and profile data.


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