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Searching is in the past - now it's time to find. Welcome to the future of recruiting.

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The future of recruiting – so simple.

With our cloud-based recruiting software, solutions are created that are as powerful as simple. Application, search and pre-selection are digitized with the help of autonomous profiling and analysis. The simplest, most innovative way to connect candidates and employers. A solution that satisfies everyone involved - candidates as well as companies.

No more Search - just contact - so simple


Post your relevant work experience and information online - in whichever format you'd like: CV, chat, voice - it's that simple, and the job will find you.

You have a match!

Our AI-based technology aligns constructed applicant data with job requirements. Suitable matchings are issued along with a match report - unbiased, transparent, and fair.


Don't search, find. Simply describe the position you want to fill; LogOn creates a job profile and qualifies suitable applicants, giving you more time to spend on better candidates.

Recruiting with LogOn

Higher conversion

Appropriate UX throughout all steps of the recruiting process

We remove barriers in the application process and simplify the work of recruiters.

Giving you more time for what really matters.

Autonomous Profiling

Quality over Quantity

Let's put an end to the madness of extreme reach and keyword searches.
We generate candidate profiles - giving you the best basis for an informed and unbiased pre-selection.

Unbiased and fair.

Easy to use

The sky's the limit

Our cloud-based solution can easily be integrated into any environment.

The world is complicated enough - we make it easy for you

Data security and transparency

We go above just complying with regulations

We advocate ethical use of newest technologies in recruiting - data security and protection throughout are a given

Scientifically proven

„Results of the study show, that LogOn's autonomous pre-selection achieves results comparable to human decisions.“

Westcoast University, 2017, Warszta, Schlegel

Transparency and scientific validation are important to us. Therefore, we have cooperated with several universities and institutes from the beginning on to ensure that our technology is of the highest quality and security.

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